• Dent Removal in Widnes

    Paintless Dent Removal in Widnes, commonly referred to as PDR, is a system that enables minor dents and creases to be removed from vehicles without the use of sanding, filling or spraying.

    Whilst it is often thought this is a new technique, PDR first appeared on the production lines of the European car manufacturers over 60 years ago. But it wasn’t until the early 1980′s that PDR found its way to the United States of America and soon after England, quickly becoming the preferred method for repairing dings, dents and creases.

    Using specially developed tools, dents can be literally ‘massaged’ back into their original state within minutes, eliminating the time, expense and inconvenience of traditional body shop repairs. Each Dents Inc technician is a true dent master, with a promise of delivering the highest standards in both repair and customer service within the PDR industry.

    A closer look at PDR

    Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a specialised craft requiring typically twelve months of training and practice to acquire. PDR is a method of removing dings and dents from vehicle bodywork without the need for sanding, filling or painting. The skill requires a large amount of dedication to perfect along with excellent hand to eye co-ordination and intuitive dexterity. This procedure is carried out by accessing the rear of any vehicle panel using specialist tooling, often through the smallest of access points, and manipulating the dent back into shape through the application of hundreds of carefully planned pushes.

    The primary skill is to be able to identify where the extremely fine tip of the tool is behind the panel while only being able to view the painted side. Being able to place the tip of the tool to within a fraction of a millimetre of the targeted area is by far the hardest aspect of this demanding skill. A thorough understanding of how light and images reflect upon the painted panel, and of how they move and distort during the application of pressure behind the panel, is something which only a small percentage of people throughout the world truly master.

  • Our Workshop in St Helens

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    Located in St Helens our workshop is the perfect place to speak to our staff about any and all of our Services.

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