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  • Your First Choice For Paintless Dent Removals & Alloy Wheel Repairs
  • Dent Removal St Helens

    Had a bump, knock or scrape?

    Get in touch with The Dent Man! We specialise in Dent removal St Helens.

    There are many stories of how and where Paintless Dent Removal started, all we know is that it has been used for many years in car manufacturing plants, all over the world, to remove minor accidental damage that may occur to panels in transit to the plant or on the production line.

    Some of these workers decided to leave the factories and work for themselves going round to local garages and offering their services. We learned in America, others have learned in other countries.

    Paintless Dent Removal is, simply, the “fine art” of removing dents without the need for filler and re- spraying. A competent technician can make a repair appear to be very easy to do. Fortunately, it is not a skill that can be learned overnight and takes years to master.

    We started in 1992 and we are still learning new techniques to this day. Technicians who have mastered the skill, and there are many out there, are true craftsmen. Beware, there are also many poorly trained technicians out there ready to “work” on your pride and joy. If you are looking for dent repair St Helens.

    Experienced Dent Repair St Helens

    People looking for dent repair St Helens may think about taking it to a main dealership. What they may not understand is that many of these main dealerships charge much more for exactly the same service that we can provide. Since the early days when only minor dents were repaired, technicians have pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved to the point today where a competent technician can perform minor miracles!

    We are not just for St Helens, we also cater for car body repairs Liverpool. So if you are in the Liverpool are don't hesitate to give us a call!

    We are proud to have a team of master technicians working at The Dent Man. If you are looking for dent repair St Helens, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

  • Our Workshop in St Helens

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    Located in St Helens our workshop is the perfect place to speak to our staff about any and all of our Services.

    Address: Unit 4, Ormande Street, St. Helens, Merseyside. WA9 5AE